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FREE Missouri DOR Marathon Practice Test [150 Questions] 2018 | MO

To get your learner’s permit and driver’s license in Missouri, you’ll need to pass a knowledge test, road signs test, vision test, provide proof of residence, identity, and social security number, pay a $3.50 fee, and have parental consent if you’re a minor. Your first step will be to pass the written knowledge test, based on the 2018 Missouri Driver’s Guide. The test is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions which you’ll need to pass with an 80% or higher. This DOR practice test is made up of a marathon of test questions, very similar to the questions you’ll see on your official exam. This test has 150 multiple-choice questions. Those you’ve answered wrong will cycle back through, and the test will not end until you’ve answered every question correctly. If you fail your official test at the MSHP examination office, you may take the test again immediately if you choose to do so, but using this marathon practice test will help you pass on your first attempt. Make sure to check the individual testing location in your county to find out what their testing hours are as they often vary.

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